Ict Skills Builder


Smart Skills ICT Yr8  v.1.0

The Smart ICT Skills Builder VLE Packs will: Integrate your school's VLE into every ICT lesson Provide high-quality VLE content that's ready to use save lots of preparation time.

Early Years ICT  v.1 1

This series will help your early years pupils develop ICT skills and confidence across the 6 areas of learning.


Audit Pro Tools  v.1.0

Do you worry about teaching and assessing ICT across the whole school? Do you have concerns about the ICT skills of your staff? Audit Pro uses accurate simulations of popular software, to take the burden of teaching and assessing ICT skills.

Advantage National  v.2 20

Are you worried about teaching the OCR Nationals in ICT, or are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the workload?Advantage National is our revolutionary e-learning package that is designed to make your life easier.

Ewisoft Website Builder Server Application  v.1 16

Yes! You can make your own attractive website in minutes with several simple drags and clicks. Ewisoft Website Builder is the software that allows you to do just that. Plus, you do not need to have any technological skills to use this software.

A4 Flash Menu Builder  v.2.96

A4 Flash Menu Builder is an all-in-one, easy to use, templates-based Flash Menu Building software. It helps you to create professional looking Flash menus in minutes. No Flash programming, scripting, or design skills required.

GW Team Builder  v.1. 2. 2001

If you have ever designed a 8-player PvP build for Guild Wars, or have tried to discuss it with your mates, you will have found out one thing: It is hard.

WordPal Vocabulary Builder  v.1 2

Is admission to the college of your choice important? Is your career stagnant? Can you only converse in a few limited areas? Do you need to improve your English language skills? Do you enjoy challenging your mind and expanding your knowledge?

Aurora Flash Site Builder  v.1.0.11

Finally stable version of Aurora Flash Site Builder is online. It is simple and free WYSIWYG flash editor. Now you can create cool flash website absolutely free and without special skills.

Interactive Resume Builder  v.4. 6. 2014

Interactive Resume Builder by Higher Math helps you to document your job assignments. skills and training. The result is a beautifully laid out interactive html file with hyperlinks to important information about your career.

Screen Saver Builder  v.3 32

Screen Saver Builder merges your .jpg, .gif, .bmp images and .mp3, .wav and .mid sounds to a compact, single file, Windows standard, screen saver!

QAliber Test Builder  v.1.0

QAliber Test Builder is a robust testing framework for creating and executing tests with no coding skills. Integrates fully as part of QAliber End to End solution, this product will give you the best value for creating test automation framework.

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